The Long Beach Museum of Art recently opened its doors to a small group of street artists, basically letting them do whatever they want as if the walls were outdoors. Beginning last June 26th, you can see what these artists made using both traditional and non-traditional media to create their works, as they normally would outside of confined spaces.

The select group of artists are either exploring urban art outside of the studio, or are considering doing art in studios as opposed to the streets. LBMA’s Executive Director Ron Nelson explains, “Most of the works in this exhibition will be created on our gallery walls using both traditional and non-traditional art media.

He also cleared that these artworks are only temporary, and that sadly they will be repainted and prepared for the next exhibition LBMA will have. “Therefore, it is important for art enthusiasts to see this amazing exhibition before it closes,” he firms.

Entitled “Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape,” the exhibit runs only until September 27th. Yes, its temporary nature may sadden some, but that’s just how it is with most street art – you can never really tell until when you can witness magnificence and it’s important to check out these wonderful works while you still could.

The street artists featured include Aaron Horkey, Alex Yanes, Andrew Schoultz, Audrey Kawasaki, Brendan Monroe, Brandon Shigeta, Cryptik, Esao Andrews, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Hot Tea, James Bullough, Jeff Soto, John S. Culqui, Low Bros, Meggs, Nosego, Nychos, Saber, and Tristan Eaton. The exhibit was made in collaboration with Thinkspace and Pow! Wow!









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Artworks are copyright the artists, with pictures taken by TwistedSifter. More info can be found at the LBMA website.

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