It’s no secret that London is one of the hottest places to check out some interesting and highly creative street art. Lately, an unlikely series has been popping up all over the UK’s capital, apparently created by a street art duo called Irony & Boe.

The pair, composed of Whoam Irony and Placee Boe, first made some noise when they painted the giant Chihuahua along Chrisp Street over at East London. It wasn’t their first, but it’s probably their biggest one to date. Described my many as random yet exceptional, the humungous mural was painted on a tower block and can be seen from the All Saints DLR station.


But that’s not it – the duo, while still doing art on their own, often paint together and they paint together really well. They discovered their common passion and obvious chemistry when they left a party early just so they could paint. Flash forward a few years later, and you have this semi-anonymous street art pairing that deem blank spaces in London as free-for-all giant canvases.

“These pieces are all about London life and people, or the culture of that area, so location is important to us,” the duo explains of their work. “Painting for the street is not like painting for a gallery show where people come to hear what you have to say. Street work gets inflicted on people whether they want to see it or not. You can’t go to extremes right up front, people close down. So you start off with something people can generally accept, like a fluffy kitten, that’s your foot in the door, then you can start actually trying to say something with the piece.”

Take a look at a few more of their oddly realistic, gigantic, colorful animals.






If you want to keep posted on their individual works, visit Boe’s DeviantArt or Irony’s Tumblr.

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