It wasn’t too long ago while I was traveling up north in Vancouver when I saw a massive mural painted on silos by an amazing street art pair called Os Gêmeos. Looks as though they’ve outdone themselves this time, with their art featured in the world-famous billboards of Times Square in NYC.

All you art lovers in the area can see the work of these wonder twins nightly at 11:57pm until midnight at Times Square’s electronic billboards along 42nd to 47th Streets, between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Called “Parallel Connection,” the twins’ work is part of Times Square’s project Midnight Moment presented by The Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC).

Their animated characters, according to Midnight Moment’s website, “break the barriers between imagination and reality.” Made up of brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, the pair basically want to project onto the world the joy and creativity they have in dreams onto the real world.

“The dream world is the one place where every person in the universe can be connected if they can just break the barriers between imagination and the physical world,” they say. It coincides with their goal stated on their bio: “to feel first and to understand later.”

Here’s a taste of what you can see. Curated by Times Square Arts in partnership with Lehmann Maupin Gallery and production by Birdo Studio, you can see the work of Os Gêmeos all month. And hey, if you happen to be in Manhattan anytime this August, be sure to check it out in person!







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For more info, check out Times Square’s page for the Midnight Moment project. You can also like the Os Gemeos page on Facebook, follow their Instagram or visit their website.

h/t: Arrested Motion

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