An anonymous duo of art students who go by the name “dangerdust” has been creating typography on chalk that has caused a bit of stir in the online world. The pair hailing from Columbus, OH, creates beautiful hand-lettered illustrations and typography on chalkboards, with each piece of art showing inspiring quotes from famous people.

Every Monday, without fail, they post a new piece that was created entirely with chalk on chalkboard. They say that even though they have an overwhelming workload at the Columbus College of Art & Design, they bring it upon themselves to create a new piece of art every week.

Why they choose to remain anonymous is beyond me. However, their motivation to do all these is something to admire. They do the pieces of art in one fell swoop, which often takes half a day (yes, as much as 11 gruelling hours of a labor of love, which they call the “best form of vandalism”).

Have a look at some of their best yet:










To see more and catch their latest creations, follow their Behance profile or their Instagram.

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