Solo Exhibit Featuring Nelmarie du Preez Opens October 1st in Arebyte Gallery, London

For those of you living or visiting the UK right now, we have some awesome news for you. Nelmarie du Preez, a South African artist, is having a solo exhibit in arebyte gallery, Hackney Wick, London. Opening on October 1st from 6-9pm, the show “Autonomous Times” will run for a little over a month from October 2 to November 7.

Based in both Pretoria, South Africa and London, England, the artist will showcase her imagined future wherein us humans may need to domesticate and tame our autonomous but potentially “dangerous” artificial creations. Per the official press release: “In times of autonomous cars and self-aware robots, du Preez not only wants to explore our fluctuating trust in technology but also in ourselves and each other.”

The new exhibition is a result of the artist’s residency at the gallery last June 7-28, spending time imagining and constructing her new artwork as a follow-up to 2013’s Loops of Relation. During the residency, she set out to expand her robotic performance partner into an assembly line of robotic arms, redesigned and reprogrammed to create a trusting relationship between (wo)man and machine.

“Autonomous Times” is a mix of both video work and art installation – composed of one video artwork, an installation of responsive robotic arms, and a live performance at the private view. In addition, the artist shall also present a behind-the-scenes set of material showcasing her assembly line/process. There will even be a talk on November 3 as the show is also a part of Art Lick weekend and supported by both Arts Council England and Foundation for Future London.

The artist explores the dichotomy in so many forms, including how a mix of the fake and the real in cinematography can produce a spectacular result. Combining special effects with real life stunts, the show gathers plenty of inspiration from “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a recent blockbuster hit by George Miller.

The end result of “Autonomous Times” shows both the good and bad that come out of technology and human intervention where power changes and shifts from one to the other all the time. The artist uses her “somewhat ‘schizophrenic’ relationship with her ‘unruly’ DIY robots to test the suspense between trust/violence; danger/intimacy; fake/real; and finally self and other.”

Below, previews of Autonomous Times:




Below, a video still of the artist from “to rely,” taken from the series Loops of Relation (2013).


Below, the artist during her residency 2015 at arebyte gallery.


arebyte gallery is located at the 1st floor, Unit 4, 49 White Post Lane, Queens Yard E9 5EN, London, England. You may also view and RSVP the Facebook event here.

To know more about Nelmarie du Preez, visit her website. For more information about arebyte gallery, you may visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Images are owned by the artist and are courtesy of arebyte gallery.

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