As previously featured here on TAE, artist Zaria Forman blew the minds of our creative team as her drawings showed immense talent in creating realistic images. Using only soft pastels and Zaria’s own hands, the results of this artist’s hard work is so good you’ll need to take a second look to believe they’re not photographs.

Forman’s hyperreal style of drawing is something a little intimidating, especially when you realize how large the scale of the pieces are and the fact they’re all done by hand. She’s so impressive that she became one of Banksy’s handpicked artists to be featured in “Dismaland,” the obscure theme park created by the world-famous street artist.


So with much excitement, we at TAE are thrilled to let you guys know Zaria is holding a solo show called SLIP at Winston Wächter Fine Art in New York City (located at 530 W 25th Street). It’s the gallery’s first solo exhibition with her, and it will go from September 10 until October 17. If you’re in the Northeast during those dates, be sure to drop by! The opening reception happens next Thursday, September 10 from 6-8pm and the artist will be there herself!

Per the official press release, SLIP features “intricate pastel drawings of ice and water in its various, shifting states … presents a meditation on the role of climate change on Earth’s most common element.”

As previously mentioned, Zaria’s hyper realistic drawings are larger than life – and what makes them so realistic, on top of the artist’s fine skills, is that they draw inspiration from actual things found in nature. These images were based off photographs of icebergs and glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland, Maldives, Hawaii, and Svalbard (Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic ocean).

Using an almost monochromatic palette, Zaria’s works focus on the watery blues, whites and grays that make up the element in its different states. These images she’s painted not only showcase places people normally don’t have access to, but also show us what climate change is all about.

“Avoiding any heavy-handed moralism, Forman instead suggests a contemplation of water, exploring the duality of the life-giving and destructive ocean,” said in the press release. “The work documents places where the effects of climate change are most tangible, and its quiet beauty instills a desire to protect the natural world.”






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More info about SLIP can be seen on the Winston Wächter website. Check out Zaria’s website or her pages on Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself updated on her works.

Images above kindly provided by Zaria via her studio manager Melanie Reese. Dismaland shots from ArtStar, where Zaria’s Dismaland prints can be purchased from. Artist portrait shot by Brian Maranan Pineda.

Thanks so much for reading!