Seth The Globe Painter has been traveling the world using the globe as his canvas for many years now. In that time has captivated a culturally diverse audience with his playful and imaginative wall and surface installations in over 20 countries. The characters in his pieces are usually vivid in color, youthful, curious, and appear to have their “heads in the clouds”. His over sized masterpieces make old people feel young and younger people feel inspired, or at least that’s how I feel. Recently, Seth was painting in Madagascar, Africa. The event is called Graffiti Regatta and after seeing these photos, I can tell that this is definitely something to cross off my bucket list! Check out all the work that he created while in Africa as well as some of the children he taught to paint!







Artists like Seth represent what The Art Elephant is all about… Sharing art and creativity with the world, doing what you love, and accomplishing your dreams/goals while helping others do the same!!

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