Self-Portraits, Not Selfies – A Clever New Swiss Ad Campaign

There’s a rad new ad campaign bursting from the doors of ad agency Leo Burnett Switzerland featuring a new product called the Samsung NX Mini. The clever posters feature three iconic artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Albrecht Dürer.

What makes the ads special is that the artists are seen holding the NX Mini camera and taking self-portraits, much like how people of today would generally take a “selfie.” The campaign’s tagline, as such, is “For Self-Portraits. Not Selfies.”

The camera itself is pretty great, featuring not just interchangeable lenses but also a fold-up screen that lets people take high quality portraits of themselves and not just mere selfies. According to the creators, if people didn’t see these artists taking pictures of themselves, you wouldn’t even realize that it’s the case as the results are high-quality portrait images.

With the help of photographer Fredrik Ödman, these dreamy and vibrant scenes are brought to life and feature amazing details specific to each artist. Van Gogh’s sunflowers as well as is impressionist art can be seen in the background. Kahlo’s leafy plants are featured in her poster, and Dürer’s prints are on a table near his window ledge.

If you ask me what advertising should be like, this is it!

Samsung-NX-Mini-01-VanGogh Samsung-NX-Mini-02-Kahlo Samsung-NX-Mini-03-Durer

For more on the ad agency, visit Leo Burnett’s website. For more on the artist, visit Fredrik Ödman’s website.

Thanks for reading!