Surreal art is so mind-boggling, it literally changes the way a person can see the world. I’m a fan of this, and so discovering the infrared photography done by David Keochkerian made me smile. His photographs come out as if taken directly from the Dr. Seuss universe.

The son of a retired photographer, it’s easy to understand why David fell in love with the art. Although he works in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, he clearly has a passion for photography. “I felt the need to create, to express myself,” he describes in his biography.

While he confesses that he isn’t as “cultured” and says he couldn’t cite famous photographers that much, he loves photography on a much more personal level. “I like to capture the fleeting, the subtle, the beautiful, the rare, the spectacular, the staggering… to reveal how the daily and the ordinary can be filled with enthusiasm,” he says.

His interesting take on capturing what is “normal” makes things a lot interesting. Based in France, David has been doing photography for roughly 4 years. He turns his shots into playful renditions of the world around us. Seasons seem reversed, and the colors are oddly more vibrant. Check out some of my favs from his large portfolio:











Visit David’s website to know more.

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