I was having some trouble trying to categorize this blog post in particular because it’s an art installation, but at the same time it can also be considered street art. In either case, I’d like to share a fascinating project aptly called “EYE” by Belgian artists Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man.

I’m sure most of us are already used to seeing cameras everywhere, with surveillance technology becoming better as years pass. However, the project is a playful jab that takes this idea to an entirely different level. If you remember watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’d probably even be reminded of The Eye of Sauron upon seeing one of the five EYE installations.

Sure, they’re pretty and honestly a shock to look at, but you can actually go inside them and view a city from that perspective. Basically, a ticket holder gets ushered onto a chair, the usher secures their seatbelt, and then wheels the spectator into the tiny “room” with the window out into the eye.

It’s an experience made for one, which can be very simulating and inspiring. It’s an audiovisual, theatrical outlook which encourages the viewers to see things from a new perspective. After the presentation, it will ask the viewer what they see when they look inside themselves, and then the pupil opens once more.

Currently, each installation is on display throughout ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, for about 40 days since its installation, until it will then tour internationally next year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed there will be an installation nearby. I would love to check out my home city in one of those gorgeous pupil-designed viewpoints.

Here’s a short clip you can watch:

And here are some freaky, unreal-looking pictures of the installations:








For those in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, you can view the locations and get tickets here. Thanks for reading!