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Here at TAE we have lots of love to give not just to art but also to various causes. We love the sea and we love the animals that live in it, so it excited me so much to find out that my friends Chris Konecki and Carly Ealey helped out and did their part for a wonderful cause.

PangeaSeed Foundation had an event last month called Sea Walls, held in Napier, New Zealand. Featuring local artists as well as others from all over the world, the project lasted from March 10th to the 20th to “give the ocean a voice, one artwork at a time.”

Filled with various events like a fiesta, cultural tour, exhibit, film screenings, and others, of course the main focus was the mural creations. Lasting from March 14-18, the 5-day painting days allowed various artists (called ARTivists) to create wonderful works of art that corresponds to an assigned theme, and each have their own assigned location.

Aaron Glasson (New Zealand) – marine protected areas, Perfume Point Lighthouse

Amandalynn (USA) – New Zealand endangered sea birds, Dickens St., Napier Central Business District

Askew One (New Zealand) – climate change/ocean acidification, Council Building, Hastings Street

Carly Ealey (USA) – climate change/ocean acidification, W Quay Street, Ahuriri

Celeste Byers (USA) – New Zealand endangered sea birds, Dickens St., Napier Central Business District

Charles and Janine Williams (New Zealand) – New Zealand endangered sea birds, Napier Port

Here's a look at the striking finished mural by Charles & Janine Williams (@charlestmd and @ladydivatmd) painted for the latest @pangeaseed @seawalls_ activation in Napier, New Zealand. Titled 'TAUTOKO', their mural highlights the threatened Bar-tailed Godwit, a shore bird that feeds in the Estuary at Ahuriri, and travels with focus, strength and determination during its 11,000km flight from Alaska to Aotearoa. Their main inspiration came from the naming of NAPIER or AHURIRI. Chief Tu Ahuriri cut a channel into the lagoon space at Ahuriri because the Westshore entrance had become blocked, threatening cultivations surrounding the Whanga and the fishing villages on the islands & in the lagoon. The rivers were continually feeding freshwater into the area. He created change through his courage & understanding of the greater good of his people, we too are following that kaupapa by wanting to use our talent to bring awareness to environmental issues & to follow his lead in creating a better world. He aha te mea nui o te ao What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata It is the people, it is the people, it is the people" Special thanks to @aii_nz @habitatbyresene @napiernow @chopemdownfilms @fromthebowseat @instagrafite @1xrun #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism PC: @magda_c

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Chris Konecki (USA) – Bryde whales and fishing ships colliding over resources, Waghorne St., Ahuriri

Christi Wright (New Zealand) – plastic pollution – cigarette butts in coastal marine environments, Routledge Street, Ahuriri

Cinzah Merkens (New Zealand) – marine protected areas – interrelationship between species and habits, National Aquarium

Had an amazing time painting this mural with @robotkin on The National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier for @pangeaseed foundations @seawalls_ Murals for Oceans Festival. The 300' (130m) Botkin/Cinzah collab explores significant Māori and global nautical mythologies, featuring the entangled bodies of a longfin eel (the largest and the only endemic freshwater eel species of New Zealand that is in a threatened condition), and an octopus covered in the face markings of traditional Māori 'Tā moko.' Also featured are guest appearances from various birds and aquatic life that have long been a food source for the people of these islands, which are now facing dramatically lowered regional populations. The mural also addresses the importance of Marine Protected Areas for maintaining the vital interrelationships between species and habitats. – Jason & Cinzah. PC – @mrcinzah Special thanks to the National Aquarium of New Zealand, @habitatbyresene @aai_nz @napiernow @fromthebowseat @chopemdownfilms @instagrafite and @1xrun #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism #jasonbotkin #cinzah

A photo posted by C I N Z Ā H ! (@mrcinzah) on

Cracked Ink (New Zealand) – overfishing, Cathedral Lane Carpark, Napier Central Business District

Dirty Bandits (USA) – New Zealand endangered sea birds, Dickens St., Napier Central Business District

DSide (New Zealand) – ingested plastic pollution / lonely whale mural, Customs Quay, Ahuriri

Elliot Francis Stewart (New Zealand) – ocean pollution, West Quay, Ahuriri

Faith47 (South Africa) – shark conservation, Te Pania Carpark, Napier Waterfront

Frank & Mimi (Australia) – responsible consumption, Napier Sailing Club, Ahuriri

One for scale by @miyaeuca

A photo posted by Rick Hayward & Emily Devers (@frankandmimi) on

Jason Botkin (Canada) – marine protected areas – interrelationship between species & habits, National Aquarium

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Detail from recently completed mural in New Zealand….reposted from @wikitoriamurphy pangeaseedHere's a section of @pangeaseed Foundation's largest mural to date (over 300ft) by @mrcinzah and @robotkin on the National Aquarium of New Zealand for @seawalls_ New Zealand. This is the face of a giant octopus, covered in a loose interpretation of Maori Te Moko, or face marking. This collab with @mrcinzah addresses threatened long fin eels and the importance of Marine Protected Areas for maintaining the vital interrelationships between species and habitats. #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism #jasonbotkin #cinzah

A photo posted by Jason Botkin (@robotkin) on

Jonny Alexander (USA) – coastal development / sea level rise / lonely whale, Cathedral Lane Carpark, Napier Central Business District

Kai’ili Kaulukukui (USA) – endangered Maui’s dolphins, Napier Port

Mahalo nui to the Port of Napier, Resene paint, Tre bru, Cinzah and Ash, all the super hyped volunteers, Maxine, Beagle and especially #petetheman for all the tireless effort that goes into a project like this. The world is a better place because of people like you, and all of your hard work does not go unnoticed!! Finished mural by @PangeaSeed @seawalls_ Operations Director and guest artist @artworkofkai in Napier, New Zealand. His mural addresses the importance of Maui's Dolphins which are critically endangered and the tiny number of them left is dwindling rapidly. 'They are the smallest species of dolphin on the planet, and have unusual breeding practices that lead to a low reproduction rate. We need to speak up for them now before they quietly disappear. I tried to present them as large as possible to represent the immediate importance of this issue.' – Kai'ili Kaulukukui PC – @carlyealeyphoto Special thanks to @aai_nz @napiernow @chopemdownfilms @fromthebowseat @instagrafite @1xrun #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism

A photo posted by Kaiili Kaulukukui (@artworkofkai) on

Lauren Ys (USA) – hammerhead data translation, West Quay, Ahuriri

Meggs (Australia) – plastic pollution, Station Street, opposite Council Building, Napier Central Business District

Mica Still (New Zealand) – ghost nets / marine debris, Waghorne St., Ahuriri

@Regrann from @pangeaseed – Finished mural by New Zealand guest artist @micastill for this edition of @PangeaSeed @seawalls_ in Napier, New Zealand. Mica's mural brings attention to ghost nets. Ghost nets are lost or discarded fishing gear that continue to fish, trap animals, entrangle and potentially kill marine life, smother habitats and are hazard to navigation. 'I want my wall to show the ocean trying to survive the chaos of the nets through the infinity symbol. Which expressed how the cyrcle of nature is being disrupted by these ghost nets.' – Mica Still PC – @magda_c Special thanks to @ghostfishing! Big shout-out to our sponsors Cox Partners Realstate, @habitatbyresene @aai_nz @fromthebowseat @chopemdownfilms @instagrafite and @1xrun #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism #streetart

A photo posted by mica still ▼ art (@micastill) on

Morag Shaw (New Zealand) – New Zealand endangered marine mammals, Routledge St., Ahuriri

Noelle Anderson (USA) – shark conservation, Routledge St., Ahuriri

Phibs (Australia) – plastic pollution affecting sea turtles, Herschell St., Napier Central Business District

Spencer Keeton Cunningham (USA) – shark finning, Shed 2, West Quay, Ahuriri

Techs (New Zealand) – industrial runoff, Pandora Pond, Ahuriri

TwoOne Hiroyasu Tsuri (Japan) – New Zealand endangered sea birds, West Quay, Ahuriri

TrustMe (New Zealand) – sustainable fishing methods, Dickens St., Napier Central Business District

It's a wrap! Finished mural by @PangeaSeed @seawalls_ guest artist @oltrustola in Napier, New Zealand. "My work steams from a personal response to the issue of Sustainable Fishing Practice. So my painting is a projection into what we stand to lose if we don't address our attitudes towards sea life and it's conservation. It's not an easy thing, there are many complex parts to the equation, especially in the commercial fishing area. For the consumers there is the ability to make informed decisions about consuming sustainable fish stocks, and for the fisher's we can be mindful of our own fishing practice and the way we target species, handle fish above the water and only take what we need for a feed." – Ross (Trustme) PC – @instagrafite Special thanks to @montanacolorsnz @aai_nz @napiernow @chopemdownfilms @fromthebowseat @instagrafite @1xrun #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism

A photo posted by PangeaSeed Foundation (@pangeaseed) on

Vexta (Australia) – New Zealand endangered sea birds, West Quay, Ahuriri

Beyond Our Realm For @seawalls & the people of Naiper NZ This work speaks of the critically endangered NZ Storm Petrel (Oceanites Maorianus). A small swallow like seabird which was declared extinct in 1850 until it was rediscovered in 2004. We are currently facing the 6th wave of extinction where human activity is directly impacting on the survival of other species & biodiversity. Especially as witnessed in our oceans right now. The story of the Storm Petrel and it's re-emergence into existence is one of hope. Few creatures are considered Lazarus Taxons (an organism that has disappeared from the fossil record only to reappear again) I painted this piece as a reminder that we know so little about our earth and its mysteries. I believe its critically important keep our wild spaces just that – wild & free. Our survival as well as other creatures such as the Storm Petrel depends on our earth's diversity. #vexta #newzealand #artadventures #pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallsnz #paintforapurpose #artivism #saveourseas #staywild #stayfree #stormpetrel Special Thanks to @converse for their support

A photo posted by yvette vexta (@vexta) on

The completed city-wide dedicated murals become “an eclectic collection of world-class, diverse and thought-provoking public artworks that can be appreciated by anyone who walks along Napier’s streets, which aims to inspire the community to become better stewards of the sea,” says Cinzah Merkens, PangeaSeed Foundation’s New Zealand coordinator.

With the cooperation of the Napier City Council, as well as an impressive number of sponsors, this wonderful event became quite a success not only in creating beautiful murals for residents and visitors of Napier to enjoy, but also to raise awareness about climate change and its effects on us and our animal friends.

Local and global participants of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans were able to create large murals so we all could become aware of many issues like ocean acidification, coastal development, overfishing, plastics & pollution, climate change, see level rise, and habitat loss.

In their booklet, PangeaSeed pressed, “The challenges we are facing today are of global scale and it will take unified action from citizens, governments and corporations the world over to solve these problems.”

The booklet also contains important information on how to help save our seas and oceans. You may download the booklet in PDF format here.

More pictures from the event can be seen by following the Instagram hashtag #PaintForAPurpose.

PangeaSeed Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to “mission is to harness the power of art, science and creativity to generate awareness, stimulate dialogue, change perception, and inspire positive change around pressing ocean environmental issues. For more about PangeaSeed, you may visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

(All images and artwork are owned by their respective photographers/artists and PangeaSeed.)

Thanks for reading!

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