Sarah Barger: San Diego’s Jewelry Maven
TAE recently sat down for an Artist Interview with Sarah Barger, one of San Diego’s upcoming independent jewelry designers. With an eye for style and her simple but smart business tactics, this young entrepreneur is well on her way in the fashion industry.
Jewelry Deisgner Sara Barger

When did you start your jewelry line? “I grew up in Sacramento and went to College in LA at Loyola Marymount before moving to San Diego in 2012. I’ve made jewelry my whole life just for fun for myself, but I started actually pursuing it as a business about 2 years ago.”

What inspired your creative small business? “Growing up I never thought that my knack for making jewelry would ever be more than a hobby. Two years ago, I had a professional crisis after being let go from a job I hated but had poured all my time and energy into for 6 months. I knew that I needed to take a step back and refocus my energy on something I really cared about. I had unlimited free time and stumbled across some great jewelry supply places in my new home of San Diego so started making some pieces and selling to friends. I was contacted by a friend to do an art show downtown and started networking with other artists for local events and everything just grew from there.”

What materials, colors, and styles do you enjoy working with? “I love all kinds of natural crystals and gemstones. Each one has a special meaning or power. When I started out, I’d usually just pick out gems and beads for aesthetic reasons, but as I started using different things and researching them I found that the items I was drawn to all have similar properties. My stones will bring you positive energy, protection, and strength. I love giving people something that is not just beautiful but can have a deeper significance as well.”

What do you hope for in the future? “I still have so much more I’d like to do to expand my business. Working multiple other jobs and having my own company on the side doesn’t allow as much time as I’d like to really focus on building my brand. One thing I’d love to do is travel abroad to gather unique materials and international inspiration.”

To learn more about Sarah Barger’s designs, visit Facebook / SarahBargerJewelry. Select pieces are also available at FeeLit, a music and art collaborative store located in downtown San Diego.

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