We’re so used to street art being on walls and streets that we often forget there are other places to look for them. Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo, however, cleverly creates fun murals using train tracks as the focal point of his artworks. His series of gigantic railway drawings have been popping up all over his homeland since the beginning of this year.

His works use a signature combination of bright neon colors that form an ambitiously creative contrast against the dull blacks, silvers, and grays of the rocks and tracks. He also goes by the moniker “Bordalo II” as an ode to his grandfather, someone who is a huge influence in his style. He said in an interview that he grew up seeing his grandpa “painting the city of Lisbon.”

Born in 1987 and a graduate of the Fine Arts University of Lisbon, the 27-year-old Bordalo II also paints on other media, especially on objects we normally consider garbage. He believes it’s a great way to recycle while creating art, and as a way to “critique the world we live in.”

Here are some of his quirky railroad paintings:








If, like TAE, you simply cannot wait for more of Bordalo II’s works just visit his website to check out his other masterpieces.

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