We always love discovering new artists from everywhere! While I am not stateside at the moment (follow my current journey in Nicaragua with my family on my Instagram @theartelephant!), seeing artists from the US makes me feel like home is still pretty close.

One of the artists I really enjoy is Taylor Bowen, who was born and raised in New York. According to his online info, he’s been making art since childhood, having gotten into painting and illustration at a young age.

While Taylor’s visual style has got its own character, he does experiment with various mediums and techniques, even extending his talent towards animations. He even creates artwork that are either commissions, or free (dubbed “Free Art NYC”) wherein he places various pieces of his artwork throughout NYC for anyone who’d be interested.


His illustrated and painted characters, while the complete opposite of realism, are more relatable than ever. This is because Taylor’s artwork comes from something real. In his website, it’s discussed that his artwork “center greatly around the human condition from the mental and emotional issues that plague us to the addictions we fall victim to, often as an escape from our realities.”

As today’s generation transitions from traditional to nontraditional, Taylor’s art reflects what a lot of people are experiencing. From his bio it’s described that “Taylor sees the disconnect between the fake promises we’ve grown up with and the world as it actually is.”

His style is both straightforward and cryptic, with many of his creations becoming more surrealist than ever. Think of it as a clever mix of Picasso, Dalí, and Miró, often with a comic twist to it.

“He is uninterested in the clichéd advice and false positivity aimed at subduing us into the status quo. Art is his way of working through these things in hopes that by reflecting an honest perspective we can reach a better plain of existence.”









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Apart from art, Taylor is also into music, and we also learned that he also sells his artwork as clothes (hoodies, shirts, tank tops) and other items (prints, mugs, clocks, etc.) via his Society6 account.




Website – hausriot.com
Facebook – /HausRiot
Instagram – @hausriot
Society6 / merch – /taylorbowen
Tumblr / blog – hausriot.tumblr.com
Youtube – Hausriot Official

All images are created/owned by the artist. Thanks for reading!