Iranian visual artist Shirin Abedinirad has been making a splash online recently, as some of her works have begun to go viral. Born in September 1986 in Tabriz, Iran, she has explored various types of media, from painting to video art to fashion and even performances, but most recently she has been making art installations.

Balancing time between Florence and Tehran, Shirin currently is focusing on performance, video art, and art installation.

Heaven on Earth (Fabrica, Treviso, Italy, 2014)

Basically, Heaven on Earth gives the illusion of walking in the sky. It was an installation she created for Dreams Project. The artist explained on her submission to Bored Panda, “When the audience stands at the top of the stairs and looks down, they come face to face with an optical illusion that increases their light, and therefore their spirituality of the space. The blue sky spills onto the ground, mimicking a pool, and the audience is momentarily overcome with the desire to jump into the light.”






Evocation (Central desert, Isfahan, Iran, 2013)

She wrote, also on Bored Panda, that she wanted to tackle the lack of water for Evocation. Her careful placement of mirrors makes the illusion that the sky is a pool of water in the sand.  “I created an illusion and challenge the relationship between human mind and the elements of nature,” she explained.






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Narcissus (Central desert, Isfahan, Iran, 2013) + Gliss Video Art

For Narcissus, she placed mirrors in the sand in an upright position, and thus “showing the beauty of the desert to itself.” It also has an accompanying video art called Gliss.






Keep up with Shirin’s art via her Facebook page, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter. All images and video footage are copyright the artist; some quotes and information based from her website bio, a feature on Colossal and her submission to Bored Panda.

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