Rob Woodcox is a 24-year-old fine art photographer, teacher, and humanitarian based in Portland, Oregon. His photography isn’t just for the sake of art – he uses the surreal images to raise awareness for a cause dear to him and to create a positive change in the world.

While only having started photography in 2009, it has now been his full time career since 2013. “I’m a vagabond spirit and love creating vivid stories sewn by the threads of reality, memory, and dream,” he tells of his works. “Beyond telling a story, it is principal that my photographic efforts contain a purpose to further positive change in humanity.”

On top of that, he says that each photographic concept declares not only his experience but also encourages people to experience a story meaningful to the viewers. “Over the past year I’ve had the privilege to raise awareness for the foster care system, creating images of the challenges and triumphs of foster children,” Rob tells.

Through this, Rob and his friends have helped fund a new camp for the foster children. He continues to create and promote such works, and says he is actually open to collaborate with other artists.

“Life is an incredible journey, one filled with endless beauty and magic if we open our eyes to it. I hope my photography opens your eyes to the freedom and strength within yourself,” he writes for a community blog where he submitted some of his works.












To know more about Rob’s works, or to contact him regarding collaboration or interest in foster awareness, visit his website or like his Facebook page.

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