Instagram is a great means of finding awesome talent that normally aren’t featured in mainstream platforms. I often stumble upon some really great artists on social media, and not too long ago I discovered the illustrative works of Mike Mitchell.

He often has a series of illustrations that are humorous and would often poke fun at our own daily lives, melding it with pop culture at times. Some of his most famous would be the “Food Dudes” series and the “Just Like Us” series. In the former, he showcases everyday foods like coffee, donuts, and burgers as though they are cartoons with human-like characteristics, carrying weapons like axes. In the latter, it’s pop culture icons like Garfield, Frankenstein, and The Little Mermaid fashioned with hilarious expressions on their faces.

Some of his art are a little more traditional, as his portraits of superheroes and villains in the “Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo” series would show. His “Fat Birds” are cute and subtle, but still pretty funny. One look at his fat red cardinal and you can challenge the Angry Birds illustrators and give them a run for their money. Oh, and Superman dressed like Wonderwoman or even Russell from Up! – you can bet Mike’s work will definitely put a smile on your face.

I learned that while he’s based in Austin, TX, he’ll have some of his art displayed right here in California. His piece below called “Late September, 1843” is part of Supersonic Art Invitational 4th group show at Spoke Art! It opened just last week, January 10th. It’s about an 8-hour drive from here in San Diego, but if you’re in the San Francisco area, you should definitely check it out.














Find and buy some of Mike Mitchell’s work on his website or follow him on Instagram.

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