Being part of the TAE movement, I love discovering artists from anywhere and everywhere, of all ages, and of all artistic persuasions. One of my most recent joyful discoveries is a young woman named Shaina Nyman, an 18-year-old college student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

An aspiring filmmaker, Shaina loves doing all things art and loves working with all different types of media. “I love to work with graphite pencil and charcoal the most when drawing. I’m working on honing my oil painting skills. Painting is fun, but I find drawing with a pencil comes more natural to me. I also tend to carry one of my cameras anywhere I go – photography and filmmaking are also some of my passions,” she told us in an interview.

Like many in her generation, she uses art as a way to express her emotions in a more visual form. “I am … inspired by a lot of the art that other people make,” she explained. “Quite recently I’ve been try to take a different approach to my creative process, and I have been looking at illustrations and pieces of poetry to reflect upon visually.”

Staying true to her passion of film, she says she’s heavily influenced by motion pictures and photography too. “The idea of cinematography, documentary, as well as still photography has always intrigued me,” she said, “and I want to be a part of that creating process.”

Don’t take her young age as something that would make her less of an artist, as it’s anything but. She has been creating art since childhood, and has been exposed to it because both of her parents are artists as well. “I’ve always been in a creative atmosphere,” she recalls. “Most of my more serious work began in sophomore year of high school, when I started taking some real art classes.”

In high school, Shaina was also part of the Congressional Art Competition at the Bucks County Community College High School Art Exhibition. She recalls having her drawing called “Strained” winning a Gold Key Award from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Unfortunately, Shaina’s not had any solo shows yet, but the creatives here at TAE see that changing really soon.

Commissioned Work for “Prom Night at the Museum”

Here’s what Shaina did for her high school’s senior prom, as told by her:

These murals were made for my high school’s senior prom. Pennsbury High School’s prom is rated the best prom in the United States by Reader’s Digest. We’ve had people such as Maroon 5, Eve 6, John Mayer, T. Mills and Asher Roth come perform for the seniors. Every year starting the day after the previous year’s prom, the current juniors (to-be seniors) who have been chosen to be on the Prom Committee’s Prom Chairs, come up with a new theme for the prom, and begin working on a process that takes an entire year to finish. The day of the prom, there is a parade and the students attending arrive in cars, fire trucks, floats etc.

All of the hallways in Pennsbury High School East’s building are covered head to toe with hand painted murals and 3-Dimensional elements that reflect upon the year’s theme. Everything is designed by the students on the Prom Committee, with the exception of the hallways created by the parents on the Committee.

Pennsbury Senior Prom 2014 was themed “Prom Night at the Museum.” I was one of 50 prom chairs chosen by the previous year’s chairs. I was chosen as a chair due to the fact as a sophomore and junior I, along with many other talented students, volunteered to help paint multiple murals for the committee. I, along with 7 other people, were assigned to design the gym. While there is one overall theme for the prom, each section of the school has it’s own theme relating to the overall. My group collectively decided on turning the gym into a planetarium. Because the gym is the largest room due to the fact it’s the dance floor, we physically had the largest murals. I designed two of the 36 foot long murals, and other volunteers and members of my group and I helped to paint them. I created the design for purple one, which was a mural involving constellations and what they looked like as greek myths, as well as the mural with the astronaut.






See Shaina’s fine art prints at her website, or visit her Vimeo page for her videos.

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