Hailing from Long Island, New York, the 18-year-old Angela Clayton has taken the world by storm. Recently featured in top fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, it’s mind-blowing to find out this young lady has been sewing since she was 14.

She does everything from cosplay (anime looks), to Disney princess outfits, to costumes inspired by the Renaissance era. Undoubtedly, this girl has ridiculously great skills. She took interest at the tender age of 6, when her mom gave her a $20 allowance to use in Wal-Mart for fabric. It all started out with a pair of pajamas she made.

“I was ecstatic. But I had no patience for it,” she recalled. “I laid on the floor and I tried to trace around my legs and then I sewed the two pieces of fabric together. I only started making costumes about three years ago.”

She took the role seriously at age 14 when she did an anime show’s school uniform. Her first time took her two months to complete, which she says took a while since now she can churn out a complete outfit in an afternoon. “At the time, it was a really big project for me,” she told Cosmo.

The young and talented Angela hopes to pursue fashion, describing herself as interested in getting more hands-on experience for it and that it’s her dream job. “I hope that there is a future career that I will get out of it. … I love making costumes and I love bringing ideas to life. If I could do that for fashion, especially for theater or film, that would be awesome.”






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Visit her portfolio website, WordPress and Tumblr for more. You can also check out her Youtube and Instagram feeds.

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