TAE is excited to introduce and take part in organizing SPACE-SNA.

My friend Christopher Konecki, the same guy who brought you Warehouse 1425, is the founder and curator of this one night event in Santa Ana, CA. I will be there through the process with all the artists and to enjoy SPACE-SNA opening on September 7th. Scroll down for all the details!


Santa Ana, CA — For one night only Saturday, September 7th, during the Santa Ana Art Walk, 20 Southern California artists will take over a 4,500 sqft. space in historic downtown Santa Ana. No rules will restrict the artists’ creativity. No agenda will bind them. This is an artist driven project that breaks away from the confines of the traditional gallery structure. Guests will experience a variety of murals, installations, and fine artwork from some of the areas leading creative thinkers. Our goal is to connect this talent directly to Santa Ana.

SPACE-SNA is an extension of Warehouse1425, founded by Christopher Konecki and the owner of As Issued, Dana Jazay-eri, with support from Inspire Artistic Minds a 501(c)(3) organization. We believe that adopting a philosophy of free space, and treating the entire building as a canvas, gives our artists the freedom to truly express themselves. Our foundation supports the arts, therefore all proceeds from art sales will go directly to the artists.

Inspire Artistic Minds is an organization dedicated to strengthening the culture of the locale. Our goal it to utilize the talents and funds raised in one community to educate, through hands-on experience, a particular artistic field, bringing renewed pas-sion to that same community. The Orange County area is overflowing with talent and potential and we are looking to inspire individuals who want to elevate to the next level.

The event will take place on Saturday, September 7th at 307 N. Spurgeon St. Santa Ana, CA 92701 in the East End of Santa Ana located next to the Yost Theater. Click HERE for more details

To get you stoked on this event, I have included the artist line up with links to their sites! Check out their work and come support the artists and enjoy SPACE-SNA!

ACBNT, Los Angeles

Alex Wasbin, Orange County

Brandon Spiegel, Orange County

Brett Flanigan, ORANGE COUNTY

Carly Ealey, San Diego

Cat Cult, San Diego

Christopher Konecki, San Diego

Cryptik, Los Angeles

Dolan SteaRNs, San Diego

Exist 1981, San Diego


Jonathan Martinez, Orange County

Jophen Stein, Pomona

Neko, San Diego

Persue, San Diego

ReefKillsPop, Los Angeles

Sergio Hernandez, San Diego

Steven Daily, Los Angeles

Stink One, Orange County

Tocayo, Orange Count

Tomi Monstre, Los Angeles


Thanks for reading!!