The Power of 3 is curator Mark Todd’s second collaboration with Pasadena’s Flower Pepper Gallery, featuring 17 different artists with three different pieces each. Described by some as an impressive mix of artists both established and emerging, the exhibition opened May 23 and will run until June 23.

Mark’s thoughts about the theme really centered on the idea of the number three. As a result of his concept, the curator had each of the artists create three very size-specific pieces – one is 6” x 8”, another is 9” x 12”, and the last is 12” x 16”.

In a press release he explained, “I kept coming back to the idea of 3, of pyramids and triangles, artwork stacked from large to small. There is something about the power of 3. Many of us remember the old Schoolhouse Rock anthem, ‘Three is a Magic Number,’ along with the endless popular references to the significance of 3 in literature and films.”

It doesn’t stop there, as Mark further explained that each artist’s collection allows people to see into the mind of the artist and their vision. “The idea is that when you see a work of art from a particular artist that moves you, it’s exciting. When you see another, and yet another, each communicating to each other but also standing on their own, it’s inspiring. You get a better sense of who the artist is and perhaps the stories they want to tell.”

The Power of 3’s opening reception was a success, with Flower Pepper Gallery jam packed. Artists featured in the exhibition are: Aaron Smith, Ana Serrano, Angela Clayton, Brooks Salzwedel, Clayton Brothers, Coleman Clayton, Erik Mark Sandberg, Esther Pearl Watson, Frieda Gossett, Henry Clayton, Jason Holley, Maggie Chiang, Mark Todd, Owen Smith, Sally Deng, Shark Toof, Souther Salazar. There is also a special window installation by Ana Serrano.








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You can visit the Flower Pepper Gallery website or their Facebook page & the show’s event page for information. Flower Pepper Gallery is located at 121 E Union St., Pasadena, CA.

Images used are from the gallery and are copyright the photographers and their featured artists.

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