Not too long ago, we already featured Pow Wow here on TAE. It remains one of the top favs of our creative team, because the festival has such great artsy vibes even if only for a short while. Other than amazing street art, there’s also a lot of pop up shops where local designers would sell limited edition merch.

In fact, San Diego’s own Knockaround, a company that specializes in sunglasses, are selling a design limited to 2000 sets! They’re very rad shades indeed, with discreetly placed Pow Wow Hawaii logo on the lens to celebrate the festival’s 5th year.


While Pow Wow’s schedule is short and most of the merch are now only available from their shop rather than in the pop up area, the murals painted by their cool roster of street artists will be there to stay.

Here are just a few of the murals specially made for this year’s event! A lot of the artists we’ve featured before are there, along with other great artists from all corners of the globe too! Among them are Ernest Zacharevic, Herakut (above), Strok, ROA, Tristan Eaton, Maya Hayuk, Etam Cru, Hueman, OG Slick, Dface, and even collaborations between Case Ma’Claim & Smithe, among countless others! If this isn’t exciting stuff, I don’t know what is.






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For more of what’s going on at Pow Wow Hawaii’s aftermath, or to shop for cool merch, visit their website.

Thanks for reading!