Benjamin Løzninger, an artist who does art direction, graphic design, photography, illustration, visual art, and even directing and music! One of his most recent endeavors is the { C/LOUD } project – something that fulfills his love of street art.

“I love street-art and the fact that one can discover art randomly out in the street. So after taking pictures OF the streets, I wanted to actually put the photos IN the streets and, this time, bring something uplifting to the people discovering the project. That’s how the { C/LOUD } project was born.”

The artist covers large areas, usually sides of buildings, but he’s also done garage doors and billboards among others. The cloud-filled bright skies are a breath of fresh air and often provides a nice contrast against a dark, overcast sky.

The French-born artist who’s now based in Brooklyn combines his photography with street art, brightening up the streets with his photographs featuring brilliant blue skies and white fluffy clouds. He has been doing it for a couple of years, and has received lots of positive feedback about it!

The Street Art Curator described it as, “Benjamin Løzninger’s cloud series asks only that we pause with a wry smile and a pitched brow, as we acknowledge what we already know to be true.” Indeed, seeing these clouds scaling walls, albeit temporarily, will give us the reality check that we may just need in an otherwise gloomy day, physically or otherwise.

It’s simple, straight to the point, and just plain gorgeous. Benjamin describes it as a “very simple concept, without other aesthetic or arty interference, to reinforce the universality of the message, and make it stronger despite its apparent simplicity.”

“We gonna launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to paste more clouds everywhere,” he says on his website – and we at TAE are looking forward to that!







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For more on the { C/LOUD } project, check out Benjamin’s website or follow the project’s Instagram.

All images are by the artist. Some quotes taken from his site/IG, or from his feature on Bored Panda.

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