We at TAE love fashion, and we feel it’s one of the most fun and explicit ways to express creativity. There’s an obvious passion in everyone who is in the fashion world, be it a designer, photographer, model, hair/makeup artist, and every other job in the industry, don’t you agree? With the release of photographer Todd Selby’s latest book earlier this year, we feel even more inspired and here’s why.

If you don’t know who Todd Selby is, he is a photographer, writer, illustrator and film director who has made a name for himself with “The Selby.” The series takes a peek into the worlds of creative individuals, showcasing an “insider’s view” of their creative spaces.

Currently based in New York City, Todd has already released three books on the series. His latest, “The Fashionable Selby,” dives into the fashion world. As with his previous books “The Selby is in Your Place” and “Edible Selby,” the artist photographed creatives, this time concentrating on the fashion industry, and asked them to fill up Todd’s handwritten Q&As. This process has allowed the Selby books to look like scrapbooks filled up with info about the creative process.

“With fashion, people often associate it with marketing, and they forget the other side of it, which is the creators,” Todd says. “Fashion is filled with so many passionate people that have a really unique vision and their own take on creativity.”

Featuring artists from all over the US, Japan, UK, France, Amsterdam and Italy, the book has a myriad of names both household and otherwise, and here are the images that matter. For you, would you rather be on a desk that’s neat and tidy or rowdy where anything goes?








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You can grab a copy of Todd’s latest book here. Visit his website, or follow/like his pages on Facebook and Instagram.

All images above are copyright Todd Selby. Some of information were taken from his bio and various features online.

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