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Mixed Mediums

Orange County Artist Inspired By Rock ‘N’ Roll, Cars, & Girls

Based out of Southern California, Shaunna’s art is inspired by the cars, pin striping and pretty girls from growing up around Orange County Raceway. She also mentioned other inspirations such as old advertisements, antiques, lingerie, toys, and rock n roll, all of them obviously apparent in her work. I noticed her style of painting is unique and consistent, creating a strong brand as an artist, and I love to find talent like this to share with my readers. She has been published in many magazines including Vancouver Magazine…

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Stunning Pictures Of A Photographer’s Girlfriend Leading Him Around The World

Would you travel to the ends of the earth with your love? Russian photographer Murad Osmann travels the globe with his lovely girlfriend in one hand and his camera in the other. What began as an accident in Barcelona October 2011, has turned into an adventurous masterpiece. While on vacation Murad started to irritate his journalist girlfriend by shooting photos of everything, so she grabbed his hand in frustration and tried to drag him along. The idea was born and the journey continues…

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Street Art

History of Banksy – A Visual Timeline

Are any of you fans of Banksy’s art? In 2005 I was introduced to Banksy’s controversially creative London art installations and was hooked. Not long after, Banksy became famous enough to publish a coffee table book to be sold in Urban Outfitters. Today, his paintings are available for purchase in some of the finest art galleries around the world and most selling for about £5000.00. To learn all about the extensive History of Banksy, scroll through this visual timeline and let the art do the rest…

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Sasha Prood Food and wine
Graphic Design

Impressive Hand Rendered Type and Illustrations from NYC

This organic themed designer pushes the boundaries for each project with hand rendered lettering, original illustrations, and unique pattern design. Her mediums of choice are graphite, ink and or watercolor paint. Sasha Prood has been published through collaboration with a variety of clients including HarperCollins, Bon Appétit Magazine, J.Crew, Txikito and Draftfcb. Here are some of her samples that captivated TAE!

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