Shaunna Peterson – Orange County

Discovered: Gorgeous color pallets, lively characters, and elaborate stories in each painting! Artist: Shaunna Peterson.

Based out of Southern California, Shaunna’s art is inspired by the cars, pin striping and pretty girls from growing up around Orange County Raceway. She also mentioned other inspirations such as old advertisements, antiques, lingerie, toys, and rock n roll, all of them obviously apparent in her work. I noticed her style of painting is unique and consistent, creating a strong brand as an artist, and I love to find talent like this to share with my readers. She has been published in many magazines including Vancouver Magazine, The Ireland Tribune, Fahrenheit Magazine, Step Inside Design Magazine, International Tattoo Art, Permission Magazine, and CMYK. She also creates illustrations and paintings for children’s books! Scroll down and check out her rad works of art…

shaunna peterson roosterport

shaunna peterson1

shaunna peterson santarosalg

shaunna peterson deathofcoollg

shaunna peterson flyingmonkey

shaunna peterson. marsmissilepopslg

shaunna peterson LUCKYLAGERPORT

shaunna peterson foodstuffsopener

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