The second Surf Craft Auction which benefits Waves for Water will be a one night only exhibition in San Francisco this Friday, July 17th, as a joint project of Juxtapoz Magazine, Chandran Gallery, T.F.R. Gallery and UNIV Surf Shop. The online auction is on Paddle 8 which will run from today until July 29.

There will be original (and not to mention, amazing!) artwork painted on surfboards by a number of artists: Chris Johanson, Dan Witz, Swoon, Logan Hicks, Grotesk, Mary Iverson, Brett Amory, Alicia McCarthy, WEST, Zio Ziegler, Kevin E. Taylor, David Arquette, Daryll Peirce, Beau Stanton and Ty William.

So what is this gallery and benefit auction all about? Water – contamination, shortage, drought and even ownership. This is an issue that has been going on around the world, and a non-profit called Waves for Water was founded by Jon Rose, a pro surfer, who was inspired after a super typhoon caused calamity in parts of the Philippines nearly two years ago in December 2013.

Jon Rose and Waves for Water has since been actively bringing potable water filters to areas of the country in order to provide clean water to those in desperate need. On Friday, the display will be at Chandran Gallery, located at 459 Geary Street in San Francisco, from 7 PM until 9:30 PM, with a special DJ set to be performed by Andy Cabic (also known as Vetiver).

Surf-Craft Auction-02-Alicia-McCarthy

Surf-Craft Auction-03-Grotesk

Surf-Craft Auction-04-Kevin-Earl-Taylor

Surf-Craft Auction-05-Logan-Hicks


Surf-Craft Auction-07-Dan-Witz

Surf-Craft Auction-08-West-Rubinestein

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Surf-Craft Auction-09-Swoon

Surf-Craft Auction-10-Chris-Johanson-bottom

Surf-Craft Auction-11-Chris-Johanson-top

Surf-Craft Auction-12-Zio-Ziegler

Surf-Craft Auction-13-Beau-Stanton

Surf-Craft Auction-14-Daryll-Peirce

Surf-Craft Auction-15-Brett-Amory

Surf-Craft Auction-16-invite

More information can be seen here and you can visit the Paddle 8 online auction until the 29th.

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