Recently we featured body paintings that shine under black light, but this week I want to feature a different kind. Body paint artist Trina Merry has been making rounds online with her newest project that seamlessly camouflages her models against the New York City skyline.

Trina came up with the idea for her newest series after moving to NYC from the other side of the country. She came from San Francisco to the Big Apple this year. “I wanted to engage the city and understand it and make some observations,” she revealed in an interview. “So instead of a person right in front of the Empire State building or the Statue of Liberty, they’re softly in the background, and you’ve got more of a reflective view of the person within the landscape.”


One of her models, Jessica Mellow, described how enjoyable the one-of-a-kind experience was. “It feels great to be painted,” she tells. “You feel the transformation process.” The modelling in itself is an art, having to stand completely still for hours on end – almost completely naked. While legal in the state of New York, the topless model wore only a bikini bottom and running shoes.


Here’s the series – prepare to be amazed…








If you want to see more of Trina’s beautiful body art, visit her site.

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