TAE is always searching the world on the lookout for exciting new finds to share, and this time our find is in Madrid, Spain! I came across Martin Leon Barreto, an illustrator and designer who showcases his work on the well known Behance portfolio site. His portfolio consists of vividly colored, multi-layered, and creatively textured designs and illustrations. All of his work is impressive and unique, but one particular project stood out from the rest. This is a personal project that he created and has now been published in five different languages. It is a Children’s Book Titled El Camino De Olaj. Scroll down to see more!

de olaj illustration 1

Abstract shapes make and patterns make up wild flora and fauna. El camino de Olaj 2

El camino de Olaj 3

El camino de Olaj 4

The illustrations have lots of detail and texture but at the same time are so simple. There is a nice balanced flow to his art, not only in this book, but many other pieces.El camino de Olaj 5

El camino de Olaj 6

El camino de Olaj 7

El camino de Olaj 8

He uses bold colors and few world, letting the illustrations tell the story.El camino de Olaj 9

El camino de Olaj 10

El camino de Olaj 11

The finished printed product is gorgeous! El camino de Olaj 12

el camino de olaj 13 Check out more of Martin Leon Barreto’s work at http://martinleonbarreto.com/

Thanks for reading!!