As a photographer myself, I enjoy looking at other types of photography for inspiration. I stumbled upon Lori Nix’s stuff recently, and I found myself mesmerized by her unique brand of photography. Usually, photographers take pictures of what is already there, making the most out of the subject based on what is handed naturally. Lori, on the other hand, “constructs” her subject matter instead of finding it.

“People find it hard to grasp what exactly it is that I do,” she explained on her website, “and the fact that it is all done in front of the camera, with no digital manipulation, adds its own set of challenges.” I found that particularly interesting because I really enjoy unusual stuff being photographed and having surreal images without tinkering with them too much on the computer is just impressive.

When asked what got her into what she does now, she says it all boils back down to when she was in college. “I began my photography career (then), working for the college newspaper. I started out as the darkroom printer and eventually became the photo editor,” she recalled. “As the editor, it became quickly obvious that I was not much of a photojournalist. I didn’t have the gift of being at the right place to capture breaking news. I’m also horrible at portraiture as I am unable to capture the essence of the sitter.”

Then she went on saying that because she studied ceramics and photography, that translated very well into her photo studies because with ceramics, you build an object from scratch. That’s essentially what she does now, picking up pieces and arranging them until she finds what it is she wants to come out in her photos. “My strength lies in my ability to build and construct my world rather than seek out an existing world,” she said.”

She believes photography is subjective and that it should get some emotion bleeding out and rubbing off onto the viewer’s mind. “Be it awe, anger, or humor,” she said. “Photography should also introduce the viewer to a new perspective.”












For Lori’s other works, visit her website. Thanks for reading!