Hailing from Melbourne, Buff Diss is not your run-of-the-mill graffiti artist. While most street artists almost always face the legality of painting on walls and other surfaces, the Australian artist uses tape to create his unique works of art. If the city or government has a problem with it, they could just simply peel it off.

Genius, if you ask us. Buff’s linear, geometric style uses bold lines and a lot of creativity. His method and choice of medium doesn’t completely come from the legal aspect of street art, but also how fast he can create his pieces. “I tend not to sketch unless there’s a specific image to re-create, and even then I prefer to work from a photo,” he says.

Here’s a video about his cool street art:

While tape art has been around for decades, the non-destructive form of street art is quite unpopular among artists because it was impermanent and quite difficult to document. Buff revealed he himself started with regular paint at first. “Tape became my main medium in 2005 by accident,” he recalls. “I’d meant to use it as a tool, but then I saw the lines of tape were drawings on their own—it saved a lot of time,” he says.

His pieces have a transient nature so public places like the Adelaide Central Market would be one of his usual hangouts. However, he also works on roads, buildings, and trains. Because it’s made of tape, a lot of his work feature line art, mostly surrounding hands, trains, and skulls.

“If a piece has long enough to bond to the surface, without weather getting to it first, it can hold for years,” he explains. “On glass, they become permanent. But a lot of pieces in the street will be gone the next day.”







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You visit his website or follow him through his various social media accounts:  Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr.

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