The Bushwick Collective is an outdoor art gallery in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Clearly one of the most diverse galleries in the area, the street art mecca located at Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue has given birth to many amazing works of art in just a little over two years. The most recent? A painting by Dasic Fernandez.

The Chilean-born artist has been working on his mural called “Hand of Protest” last month, and it is located at the corner of Wyckoff and Troutman. The piece showcases his signature style of combining bright neon-like colors with effective political messages, as can be seen below:




Some of the other notable pieces you can see include this lion painted by ND’A, located somewhere near Jefferson:


Another interesting piece is one by Buff Monster that shows characters made out of ice cream. It’s great how the simple white, pink, and gray contrast against the brick walls. Buff Monster has been featured before in Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”


All sorts of street art are welcome here, including works such as that of Olek, a Polish born “yarn bomber” who covers objects in crochet…


…as well as simple little shout outs like that of Solus, a Dublin-born artist who painted this:


Of course, the locals also have their own spot in The Bushwick Collective. Here, New York-based Zimad displays his hybrid of bird and tiger, the former of which is a popular feature from many artists in the gallery.


Brooklyn-based Never contributed this one, which is a personal message as well. He completed this cicada painting just around the time the famous 5Pointz was being shut down.


Of course, street art wouldn’t be street art without collaborations. This one by Sheryo and Misery is a surreal piece, and one of the many collabs found in The Bushwick Collective:


There’s a ton more you can see once you visit the place. If you can’t physically be there, you can check out the gallery’s Facebook page.

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