Just recently, we featured avant-garde works by ROA for the Djerbahood project. Along with other TAE-featured artists like Seth Globepainter, C215, and Alexis Diaz, muralist Stinkfish is yet another artist invited to paint for them in the island of Djerba, Tunisia. The Colombian artist of course gladly accepted, and painted a few of his own gorgeous portrait-based images that work exceptionally well against the bare walls of the landscape.

Stinkfish has a well renowned style that involves mostly faces, with the basic shapes created in black paint, and then either surrounded by colorful stencil patterns or filled with them. He has been painting since 2003 in his hometown of Bogota, and he started off with three other people as a graffiti group called Excused Printsystem.

He had no formal art training, and he revealed in an interview that his love for street art came from growing up exposed to the streets. “I like the streets and walking around aimlessly … If you like wandering around it is likely that you’ll end up liking graffiti.”

Many people describe Stinkfish’s works as unique, stylish, and colorful. Personally, he describes it as “tropical wild.” As far as his street name goes, it’s not the only one he goes by. While he claims there’s no special story behind “Stinkfish,” he also signs some of his work with the names Knits, Hate, or Quetzal.

He’s painted everywhere else, sometimes collaboratively, in places like South America, Europe, and Central America. He doesn’t have any particular favs, and Tunisia in Africa is yet another large canvas he’s willing to take over. “Each city has its own life, rhythm, timing, its own codes, advantages, shortcomings and difficulties, but in the end the graffiti is graffiti and it is always possible to paint a good wall.”






More info about Stinkfish is available at the Djerbahood website. Thanks for reading!