Are you a fan of Shepard Fairey? How about JR? We these are two of my all time favorite street artists and I am happy to announce Art As A Weapon, a documentary featuring both of these gems.
This short film shines a light on a remarkable school in Myanmar (Burma) that teaches street art as a form of non-violent struggle. While Myanmar has recently made strides on the international stage, decades of military rule still loom large over the landscape. The film chronicles the journey of these young students as they emerge from the darkness of military rule and become an international symbol of revolution. As their story starts to spread, French artist (JR) invites them to join his global art campaign- The Inside Out Project, and 8200 hundred miles away artist Shepard Fairey paints a mural of a Burmese monk in support of the students struggle. The film connects these seemingly unrelated characters around the idea of using art as a weapon for change.

Watch the trailer now!


Great news to all TAE readers, we are doing some giveaways in lieu of promoting this amazing documentary. We have some Shepard Fairey T’s and some of the full length dvds to giveaway! Check back on our site, Facebook page, or our Instagram next week for all the details on how to win!


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