“New Moon” is the latest by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, a pair of Canadian artists who create out-of-this-world installations using a diverse range of materials. The Calgary-based duo use anything from artificial light to repurposed debris from buildings.

Each of their projects are “experimental moments shared between people,” which is the reason their latest piece is yet another interactive one. Part of their Celestial Series, New Moon is the moon sculpture, the fourth in a series of installations using repurposed light bulbs (it should be noted that another piece “Solar Flare” is the sun counterpart; while Bellwether and Cloud Ceiling are weather versions).

Put up twice in Lexington, Kentucky “New Moon” was built specifically for and was commissioned by the Lexington Art League. Some of their other works are featured elsewhere around the world – variations of the pair’s Cloud works have been exhibited in places like Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Israel, Singapore, The Netherlands, and their home of Canada, as well as upcoming exhibitions in Poland and Belgium. Cloud Ceiling is now permanently installed in Chicago, Illinois, while Solar Flare and Bellwether are in Seoul, South Korea albeit temporarily.

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Visit the artists’ website to see more of their other light-bulb inspired projects. They also have a Facebook page you can like.

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