Warsaw-based street artist NeSpoon creates intricate lace patterns in the most unexpected place you’d think. Her unique brand of street art can be seen in various manners, including stencils, paintings, ceramics, and crochet web installations. Her self-described “public jewelry” is a way for her to beautify abandoned spaces.

This touch of elegance in unadorned and generally ignored places has adorned doorways, street signs, abandoned houses, utility boxes, parking meters, and the like. Her art can be seen the world over, and this Polish artist has this to say about what she does: “Jewelry makes people look pretty, my public jewelry has the same goal, make public places look better.”

Her goal of making the world a better place by making them smile is completely in line with TAE’s tagline, forever inspiring others to do what they love. “I would like people who discover, here and there, my small applications, to smile and just simply feel better,” she says.

All her pieces are handmade, and here are just a few of her beautiful doily-type creations.











To keep yourself posted on NeSpoon’s pretty lace art, see her Behance page. Thanks for reading!

PS: Updates from tonights Summer Night Art Social will be posted soon! Thanks to everyone who came down to support!