You will rarely see someone who doesn’t appreciate the type of art Matt Payne does. The Oregon-based photographer has a passion for creating stunning night time landscapes, where the vibrant night sky contrasts beautifully against the terrain.

Matt’s style is mostly using long exposures and composites, so the dark night sky becomes more illuminated and so the stars’ movements are captured as well. While it’s still different to look at nature with the naked eye, Matt’s photography highlights the beauty of nature’s wonders even more differently.

“Through wilderness exploration I have developed a unique vision for the otherwise mundane in our day-to-day life,” he explained in an interview. “My hope is that my life-long passion for the wilderness and exploration will continue to bring me to some of the world’s most amazing places so I can continue to share my vision of those places with the world.”

Growing up in Portland, Matt says he’s always enjoyed being out in the wild, and he’s drawn to the skies. His pictures reflect his love for what he does. He also revealed that he gets the most reactions from city folk – he said that it’s probably because people who lived most of their lives in cities often have not seen that many stars.

While he does other nature-inspired photographs, his nightscapes such as the following are the most featured in media:












If you want more from Matt’s portfolio, visit his website. Thanks for reading!