TAE Goes Behin The Scenes – San Diego, California

On a lovely spring day, we all set up shop in a warehouse near Downtown San Diego to Install a 35ft x 11ft mural. The owner of All-ett Billfolds provided the wall and Nick McPhereson, Eric Wixon, Mr Dvice, and Matty Davis provided the creativity. The project took about 10 hours, TAE of course documenting all of it and the outcome… Well you are going to have to see for yourself.

spray paint

The project began with a “game plan” and some outlines on a freshly buffed wall. The mediums used were a mixture of spray paint and acrylic paint. The artists also used stencils, duck tape, paint brushes, and various materials.

mural shoot 10


mural shoot 7

The half way point

Street Artists Paint Mural San Diego

mural shoot 8

After painting the characters and shapes, they started filling in the details. Bold black lines were created with the “perfect mixture of black”(Nick’s specialty aka Nixmix) to make the characters and designs pop.


mural shoot 1

The final piece


final photo 2

Check out more work by these very  cool artists!


Eric Wixon: http://ericwixon.com/index.html