Tomorrow, as you guys know, TAE is curating an Art Social event at Quality Social this Thursday. It’s a free monthly thing we have there filled with art, music, merch, drinks, and socializing with the artists. In celebration of the next event, I’ve been featuring the artists who will be there, and today is all about Mr. Prvrt from good ol’ NYC.

He’s mainly a street artist who does murals with spray paint and stencils. Originally from Albany, he moved to Rochester about eight years ago, and his work has been exhibited all over the country and abroad ever since.

Sometimes referred to as “Prv,” Mr. Prvrt even says he’s a “proud art school dropout.” He dropped out of it in the middle of his bachelor’s program, and he believes he’s “lucky” that he doesn’t have a day job. “This isn’t a job, it’s a passion,” he describes. “It’s never a steady paycheck, but it’s amazing, the idea of actually owning your time.”

“My first introduction to stencils was during college when I had been doing a lot of printmaking, and stumbled on to stencils as a cheap means of printmaking without the need for a gigantic printing press,” he said in an interview previously.

“My first real exposure to street art was through the work of Chris Stain and Brian Scout, who both lived in the area and had been collaborating on projects in one of our city’s most neglected neighborhoods,” he recalled. “They were targeting abandoned houses and installing paintings over the boarded up surfaces.”

As with most street artists, Prv not only loves what he does but also hopes to give a message across, although they’re not specific ones. For him, it’s not merely decorating the streets with his spray paints. “I rarely try and attach any sort of deep meaning to my work,” he explained. “If anything, I hope it makes people realize that our entire world is a blank canvas.”

While his work is mainly centered on the other side of the country, I’m so glad to have the remarkable Mr. Prvrt and his work over here in San Diego! So remember, if you live nearby, come hang out with us tomorrow, Thursday, at Quality Social. Address, list of artists, and all other details are available from our Facebook event page. Here are just a few of Mr. Prvrt’s work to give you a feel of what to expect tomorrow night:












If you like what you see here, you can also check out his blog to see what he’s up to. Thanks for reading!