A lot of people often associate spray cans with street taggers and vandalism, but this technique is also used in a more productive and less destructive way by creative geniuses. Before, we featured the unique spray can art created by David Walker. This time, it’s Logan Hicks and his works featured in a show called “Love Never Saved Anything,” which ran from March 7-19 of this year, during Armory Week in New York City.

During the special pop-up exhibition, the New Yorker featured his stencil paintings as well as some photographs he took during his various urban explorations. The theme is mainly of a nautical and underwater nature. These artworks were, as he told, born out of his experiences and personal setbacks over the course of the last year. These initially negative events and challenges allowed him to explore underwater photography, which then served as inspiration for the exhibit.

“The drifting, the weightlessness was how I felt internally,” he explained. “It seemed like the perfect way to capture what I was going through – adrift in a sea of uncertainty.”

If you’re familiar with his works, you know he has a knack for abandoned places like old subway stations and decaying buildings. Hicks grew up near the sea, so themes such as this would always show up as a big influence on his works, especially his latest ones. Some would describe these paintings as haunting yet elegant, a continuation of his love of urban exploration.

Here are some of the artworks displayed during the one-off exhibit:






Just gorgeous! His multi-layered stencils, brought to life with aerosol sprays, look so surreal and dream-like. It’s obviously labor-intensive, as TAE learned the process often involves as many as 15 different stencil layers! His works can take as much as a month to complete.

Some of his works have been displayed around the world, such as in the NuArt festival in Norway, and the Cans Festival in London (where he was personally selected by Banksy as one of two artists to represent the States).

This year he has international exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkey, and in Basel, Switzerland. Can’t wait to see what he’ll showcase next!

For more on Logan Hicks, visit his website Workhorse Visuals.