The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in San Diego created an innovative flexible membership wherein people can pay monthly, and based on participants’ interests. Launched last May 27th, the program called MOPA Crew allows people to call the shots, simultaneously breaking barriers in museum stereotypes as well.

MOPA’s Executive Director Deborah Klochko expressed their enthusiasm for the new membership plans. “MOPA is excited to be leading the way on a new type of museum membership,” she said. “Crew gives people the opportunity to choose how they want to be a part of the museum.”

Other than supplying enthusiasts with amazing benefits, Crew’s purpose is to provide MOPA’s audience with a more inclusive atmosphere, with mission-driven experiences based on what people are into. MOPA’s Director of Development Operations Selina Hudgins explained that museums must be able to adapt and stay relevant as well.

“This hands-on, social audience expects more than the traditional museum membership,” she said. “They want to feel involved and know they’re contributing to their cultural community in San Diego.”

After a lot of research, surveys and evaluation, Crew was finally designed as an alternative to traditional models, in order to attract museum lovers who want a more active role in their membership. For as little as $5 a month, art lovers in San Diego may choose between Photography Crew and Film Crew, but lovers of both may pay for an All-Access Pass to both for just $8.


Photography Crew:

  • Red-carpet treatment at the museum (free admission, invitations to special events, etc.)
  • Social events
  • Hands-on fun photography activities
  • Other surprises

Film Crew:

  • Red-carpet treatment at the museum (free admission, invitations to special events, etc.)
  • Films and Film Festival Experiences
  • Interactive workshops
  • Filmmaker Meet and Greets
  • Other surprises

All-Access Pass:

  • All of the above, plus even more – the most value for your money

Still undecided? Here’s a flowchart that might help you out:


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While the traditional annual museum membership will still continue to be available, the Crew memberships are now available for everyone to sign up for. Simply visit to find out how.

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