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A lot of rad things are happening in the art world this week, and one of them is Canada’s Mural Festival. If you live near or in Montreal, or happen to be there right now, don’t forget to drop by as there are a ton of cool things going on for art lovers everywhere!

Per their website, the MURAL Fest 2015 program has the following agenda:

  • June 4 to 14: Live creation of the 2015 murals and street closure
  • June 4 to 14: Guided tours of the MURAL sites
  • June 4: Opening show presented by Saintwoods (location to be revealed)
  • June 4 to 7 and June 11 to 14: The Market (Parc du Portugal)
  • June 5 to 7: MURAL art fair (main area, 3527 St-Laurent)
  • June 7 to 10: #Muralhack and free workshops at Notman House
  • June 8 to 10: Food truck gathering (Mont-Royal/Marie-Anne)
  • June 8 to 10: Grill St-Laurent
  • June 8 to 10: Conferencing program at Excentris
  • June 8 to 12: Film program at Excentris
  • June 12: Cloud Cypher international dance competition (main area)
  • June 13: Block party presented by Osheaga (main area)
  • June 14: Fool’s Gold records “Homecoming” show featuring A-Trak and guests (main area)

So while the festival has been going on for a few days now, it’s not too late yet to join in on all the fun! From their website:

MURAL festival is THE North-American destination for all things urban art. We are the merging point of creative spirits. We are the festive and innovative soul of a city burning with artistry. Located in the heart of Saint-Laurent boulevard, MURAL’s mission is to democratize urban art. Our program is bold and daring and offers the public the opportunity to witness the making of murals in real time, to attend exclusive musical events and unique seminars, to enjoy outdoors exhibitions, various installations and sublime gastronomy, all of it in the streets during the 11 days of the festival. MURAL opens a portal to new artistic dimensions and unites the community around an authentic vision.

The lineup for this year is phenomenal as well, bringing together world-renowned visual artists from 8 countries, of which: Nychos (Austria), Curiot (Mexico), Jaz (Argentina), Faith47 (South Africa), Bicicleta Sem Freo (Brazil), Axel Void (Spain), 2Alas (United States), Elian (Argentina), and C-215 (France) [one of TAE’s favs, having been featured on our blog twice here and here].

In addition, since MURAL is based in Canada, there will be a number of major Canadian artists from Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere, such as: Xray, Earth Crusher, Monk.E, Astro, Melissa Del Pinto, MC Baldassari, Eric Clement, Benny Wilding, Jarus, Opire and 4-Tin.

Here are some pictures from this year’s festival so far to get you in the mood to come on over:












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Pictures via MURAL Festival’s Facebook page, shot by Vi Photographie for This is HERD, except top/cover photo shot by Partywithsylvain. All artworks featured here on TAE are owned by their artists.

So, are you going to be at MURAL Festival this week? Tell us (and them) about it! On Instagram you can use the hashtag #muralfestival or follow their account. You may also visit the official website for more information, videos, and other goodies.

Thanks for reading!

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