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Tattoos are an awesome way to express your personality. In fact, a big chunk of people today have tattoos, and generally many companies have been more accepting of body art in the workplace. We’ve recently discovered a really rad tattoo artist who does a unique type: single stroke line art.

Berlin-based tattooist Mo Ganji has been making amazing tattoos with a minimalist feel, and if you look closely at the images they all seemingly go through just one continuous line varying in width, plus a few accent dots at times, to form a whole picture. The result is striking, simple, and just downright beautiful. He’s made a name for himself doing this style, even ditching a well-paid corporate job for it.

The Iranian-born artist turned his back on the corporate life when he turned 30, focusing instead on his passion of creating these incredible black-ink single line tattoos people have been raving about online. In an interview with the Washington Post, he explained how he went from an almost 6-figure salaried job in retail to what he does now.

“I never studied art. I come from retail. When I turned 30 I’d traveled most of the world, I’d been to over 40 countries, I’d seen a lot. And I think the older you get, the more questions you have. As an immigrant you have the pressure to be a doctor or a lawyer, your mom saying, ‘You have to do something because we came here for you.’ So you achieve the life standard that everyone is seeking – a good place, a car, a career – and you say, ‘This is good, I make a lot of money, but it’s not really satisfying. This is not me.’”

He went further and said he got lucky since his job earned him enough money to take a year off and just tattoo people every single day. People were skeptical of his decision, but he pushed through. “People nowadays are more afraid of their own freedom than they are of war,” Mo explained. “Because freedom means you’re responsible for yourself. People work a 9 to 5 job because it’s safe.”

He spent most of his days learning from his friend and fellow tattoo artist Valentin Hirsch. As to why Mo chose to do this style in particular is just as fascinating: “Everything here comes from the same energy. If I die, I become a tree, and the bird eats the tree and it becomes me. Everyone is one. One continuous energy that just goes and goes and goes.”

The interesting and ironic thing about this artist is that he doesn’t have tattoos himself, but with good reason. “I don’t see myself running around with a picture on my body,” he says. “It’s not that I don’t like tattoos, I just haven’t found anything that I want on me for a lifetime.”

He then explained that even though that’s the case, he has a lot of scars from playing American Football, and he somewhat equates those marks on his skin to the tattoos he makes. “…when I look at the scars they look like a line or some kind of abstract picture,” he says. “It’s like traveling in time, you remember exactly where you were and when. [So] When I tattoo, I try to keep them so abstract and simple.”







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For more information about the artist:


Facebook: Mo Ganji

Instagram: @moganji

h/t: The Washington Post, My Modern Met, Bored Panda, Colossal

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