Australian artist Georgina Kreutzer recently awarded one very lucky Instagram winner a print from her latest series inspired by fashion-forward Miista Footwear. The chrome, holographic, Oxford shoe prints were made with a blend of ink, pastel, pencil and two new drawing products to be released by Micador this month.

Kreutzer, a graduate from Griffith University in Gold Coast considers her artwork a combination of expression through visuals, photography and music. Her work is displayed in galleries in Sydney, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

“Studying architecture has allowed me to fuse my passion for creativity through design with practical skills that will lead to a fulfilling career. ​As someone working in the creative field with altruistic motives, I want to be able to unite my artistic aptitude with innovative design thinking to benefit others,” she said.

According to Kreutzer, the layering element to complete the Oxford shoe design was a new challenge but a rewarding process.

“If you never leave your comfort zone you’ll never find out what you’re capable of,” she said in her latest post.

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