Miami Airport Just Got Creative

As a person who loves traveling, I super enjoy seeing and searching for art everywhere I go. While I am based on the West coast, it’s also fun to discover stuff from the opposite side of the country even if only online. My latest? Jen Stark’s work at Miami International Airport.

Jen is a versatile artist who spent some time recently at Miami doing work for “Untitled.” (an art fair), and Basel Week Miami as well. However, she couldn’t just pass up leaving town without leaving a permanent mark. Her large scale public mural at MIA’s Terminals D and E can now be seen as a psychedelic scene as you move off the skywalk.

The explosive mural is yet another addition to MIA’s amazing appreciation of art reflective of the city’s mixed culture. For those familiar to the airport, you may have seen another artist’s rainbow-themed work along one of the walkways (Christopher Janney’s “Harmonic Convergence”).

If you have been following Jen’s Instagram, you may have seen her working on her mural in “in progress” state – and noticed that the mural was completed with help from some of her friends. On her Twitter she wrote, “Got my friendship army helping paint this airport mural.”

So, next time you’re in MIA, look for Jen’s (and Christopher’s) art! Check out some of the pictures, some of which were taken by photographer Peter Vahan:

Jen-Stark-02 Jen-Stark-03 Jen-Stark-04 Jen-Stark-05 Jen-Stark-06 Jen-Stark-07 Jen-Stark-08 Jen-Stark-09 Jen-Stark-10

Visit Jen Stark’s website and Instagram for more.

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