So if you’ve been following TAE blog over the past week or so, you probably noticed I’ve been featuring a bunch of artists who’ll all be at the next Art Social event I’m curating. While most of the features so far have been focused on fashion-related stuff, I think it’s time we bring back a bit more testosterone into the mix. Today I’m featuring an amazing fine artist I really admire, Nonie Cruzado.

As with a lot of artists, Nonie finds that what he does is sort of cathartic and is a great way to express things and keep tabs on his life. “My art is like my visual diary,” he says.

Originally from the Philippines, Nonie majored in Painting at University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design. This gave him a lot of formal schooling on artists that he eventually cite as his sources of artistic inspiration.

“I feel like it’s a lot of names, but I look up to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Giorgio de Chirico, Jean Rustin, Heinrich Kley…” he describes. He also cites more contemporary artists like Dave McKean (MirrorMask) from the UK and James Jean from Taiwan.

While he’s now based in here in California, Nonie has certainly not forgotten his roots. “I admire my fellow Filipino artists like Juan Luna, Ronald Ventura, Andres Barrioquinto and CJ Tanedo.”

Other than people, he of course finds inspiration in things around him. When asked about other sources of his creativity, Nonie confessed that he has what he calls “image fixations.” “For a time, it will be always the subject or focus of my work, or it will be part of the composition somehow,” he says. “Usually, I don’t really know why I suddenly grow a liking toward something, but eventually it reveals itself to me.”

“Right now I’m really fixated on crumpled papers,” he narrates, “and I also really like armors right now – so those two kind of overlapped. It’s fine because I want my style to come out naturally.”

As far as the creative process goes, Nonie was kind enough to share a glimpse into his notes. “While I’m creating I find myself lost in the process. Thoughts and images come to me like (a) stream, flowing freely but it’s always connected thoughts. I normally take off with a rough idea or plan but i let myself go. Be one with the creation.”

Don’t forget, come see Nonie’s work in person at the Art Social on Thursday! You can hang out from 8pm until midnight, and it’s a free event so why not, right? Here are just a few of his works, some of which will be featured in the event:

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You can of course also check out his website for more about him and his art.

Thanks for reading!