Spanish street artist Pejac recently visited Istanbul, and during that visit he painted three pieces for the art-loving folks. While in Uskudar, his project “Lock, Poster, and Shutters” took center stage in his trip with his trademark style of optical illusions.

Pejac has been making a name for himself as yet another semi-anonymous street artist that travels the world. His style? He challenges bystanders’ perspectives and creativity with the designs he paints.

“The least interesting thing for me is the texture, color, or wall size. What I care about is the urban context,” he explained in an interview from culture blog Societe Perrier. “In some works I clearly work with optical distortions/illusions, with the sole intention to not only play with the concept but with the very perception of reality.”

Previously, you may have seen some of his clever silhouette paintings on windows and similar places. This time, he paints the windows on bare walls using brushes, acrylic paint, pencils, and sandpaper. Painted close together in Uskudar, the three designs are strategically placed very close together to well represent the “perception and illusion of freedom.”

He further explains that in French, the Trompe l’oeil is literally translated as “eye trap,” and shares that  “in the case of these three windows, the trap works in both directions: from outside to inside and from inside to outside.”

Here are pics of his latest three paintings collectively complementing each other, all of which are shot by photographer Julian Santiago:









You can follow Pejac on his Instagram or visit his website to find out what he’s up to next.