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You know how we at The Art Elephant just enjoy discovering artists, both experts and new. We love featuring artists worldwide, but it’s always an honor focusing the spotlight to someone from here. Pennsylvania-based artist Lindsay Rapp and her eponymous art gallery are amazing, and you need to see what she does now!

This rad artist is “making a splash,” so to speak, in the art world. Her paintings that feature waves and oceans, fantasy characters, and wildlife, are nothing short of astounding. Having won countless competitions across the country, and having been featured in museums, galleries, and exhibitions, all before even reaching 25, this phenomenal woman is someone to look out for!

At such a young age, Lindsay sold her first art piece. The now 24-year-old owns Lindsay Rapp Gallery, a very rad place that hosts highly-attended exhibitions, free events, and other really rad things. The place doubles as an art gallery and as her working art studio, and this has been going on since July of last year. if you ask us, this woman has done way more in over a decade than you can expect, and she’s no where near stopping.


Her virtual fanbase has gone to exceed 33 thousand followers, and with good reason.  Her keen eye for detail and for the female figure, mixed with an interesting palette of mostly blues and metallic sheen, it’s really no surprise people are drawn into her mystical, dreamy brainchildren.

Having previously featured the series Abstract, she now has a new set of paintings “Muses, Seascapes and Wildlife” which, in a nutshell, are pretty much ethereal sea-inspired beauties that we’re sure you won’t take your eyes off of. Why such watery imagery? She revealed in a recent interview with the Huffington Post her affinity for the ocean:

“I feel connected to the water and the ocean and didn’t realize how strong that force was until I moved to Philadelphia, where a shore is merely a notion. I love peaceful vibes, meditative and serene atmospheres, but I also admire strong female leads and magical situations. In many of my pieces, I strive to put them all together. When I opened my gallery, it was then that I realized how influential an audience could be. Everyone takes something different out of my work and this varying perspective really inspires me. The gallery is not just me surrounded by my artwork, it’s a hub of everyone who walks through those doors.”



Here, you can check out some of the images she has worked so well on. “I want to portray empowered females with influence of mythology, history and contemporary times,” she explained in the same interview. “Kind of like an underlying Venus in each piece. Strong and full of stories.”




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The Lindsay Rapp Gallery is located at 60 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106. It’s open from 1-4 PM and you can reach them at +1 267-712-9336.

For more information about the artist:




Information here is courtesy of Lindsay Rapp via Krystal Sides and the Lindsay Rapp Gallery website, with additional information from the Huffington Post interview.

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