I love photography, and I always find myself fascinated by different techniques used by various photographers. I’ve been into a lot of time lapse photographs lately, and English photographer Martin Kimbell instantly grabbed my attention. His “light tornadoes” series is mesmerizing!

Basically, Martin uses LEDs attached to hoops, and combines that with long exposure techniques. He hurls the LED-lined hoops into the air, and the result would be airborne light twists that somewhat resemble tornadoes, or even UFOs. It’s pretty great to look at, as each photo is unique.

This is not the first time such a style has been done, as another photographer named Andreas Feigninger used to attach lights to a helicopter back in 1949. A similar technique, by Stu Jenks, uses light and fire to make tornado-like shots. I learned that the latter was the one who inspired Martin Kimbell.

“What I love about light painting is that it gives me a level of control and creative freedom which is rare in most forms of photography. Through the adding of different light patterns, or by illuminating it differently, I can completely transform the scene,” he said in an interview.

Take a look at some of what the 25-year-old from Nottingham has done so far. He shot most of these in quiet locations throughout his homeland of the UK, including Dartmoor and Leicestershire.











For more of his beautiful photography, in addition to his unique light paintings, check out his Flickr page.

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