There is an eerie beauty to places when they’re uninhabited, abandoned, or even if for just a brief moment, desolate. As much as I love travel, I also love photography. We’ve all seen hundreds or maybe thousands of travel photos, and it’s easy to mix them up in our heads when all of them start to look like one another.

Most travel and tourist photos show some combination of two or more of the following: 1) scenic spots, 2) famous tourist landmarks, 3) friends and loved ones, 4) complete strangers and other tourists, 5) peculiar flora and fauna, and many others. However, I discovered the work of a man named Andy Lee, whose series called “Roads” is a little bit different.

Andy is a traveler, as well as an overall creative (filmmaker, painter, creative director, self-described manic doodler, and photographer), so it’s quite unsurprising that he’ll find a unique way of showing the world all the places he’s gone to.

When you look at pictures from the “Roads” series, you will be filled with both wanderlust and a bit of questioning. It’s amazing how Andy captures roads in such an unusual way, usually almost completely devoid of life other than maybe a couple of trees here and there.

“I love portraiture, though more recently I have started to enjoy photographing landscape,” he says in his bio. “Combining the two is something I hope to develop even more.” Who knows? Maybe his next series or gallery will showcase such.

Check out some of his works from the “Roads” series. They have been shot all over the UK and in Iceland.













For more of Andy Lee’s photography, visit his website.

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